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Human problems, technical solutions

The nature of our business attracts a variety of clientele with diverse backgrounds. Each new project is a learning opportunity and we love to jump in, get our hands dirty, and problem solve. We're big fans of "I don't know," as long as figuring out the answer is on the other side.

Online shouldn't suck

Remember the last time a website went down, a form didn't work, or a multitasking support agent asked you to clear your cache and cookies? Yeah, we do, too. It happened yesterday, and the day before that, and... frankly? it's the whole reason we're here: to make the internet a better, friendlier, and bug-free place. In a world of broken experiences, we'll have you standing out in the best way.

Standing by what we build

Our relationship doesn't end once your app goes live. We don't have to tell you that things happen, technology changes, and sometimes you just need to update that outdated headshot (you know, the one with the questionable haircut that you did yourself?). When you need support, we've got your back.

Complimentary app monitoring comes standard, and we'll let you know if we notice anything that needs attention. For larger projects, you'll have the option of an enhanced support plan, customized just for you.

Behind the scenes

These lovely folks are 100% remote and distributed across the world.

Sheng Slogar

Founder & Developer
Wisconsin, United States

Glenn Kimble Jr

Florida, United States

Brooke Haldeman

Project Manager
Utah, United States

Tom Hatzer

Partner & Consultant
Lochau, Austria

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